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About Us

Information: Situation one: Your son or daughter has just hit their sixteenth birthday and is ready to hit the road! They've taken the written test and passed with flying colors, but now it's down to the practical driving test, and you want a professional driving instructor to give them the best drivers ed that is possible. Naturally, you want your child to go to the best driving school around, one that will take the utmost of care with their safety and that will be able to teach them accurate and excellent driving skills. But what driving teacher should you get for your child?

Situation two: You are thinking about getting your license for the first time as an adult learner driver. You have lived for many years in the busy hustle and bustle of New York City, where most of your usual haunts were either within walking distance or reachable via the subway, and have never really needed to learn how to drive before. Now, though, you find yourself in need of a driving school — preferably an affordable driving school that is close by. But what school do you go to? 

Situation three: You have had your driver's license for a long time, and are a safe, experienced, and comfortable driver. However, you find yourself wanting to learn more about your driving style, gain more practical experience and tighter driving skills, and become an all around safer driver who utilizes the proper safety procedures. You want to go to a local driving school in order to learn all these techniques. But what is the best traffic school that is near you?

Whether you can identify the most with situation one, two, three, or if you have another unique situation, your best bet for an affordable, excellent quality, local driving school is New York's very own One Way Driving LLC! Our driving instructors are friendly and highly qualified, with the strength of personality that will put you at ease for your driving lessons combined with the strength of expertise that will give you the very best of educations.


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